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Author Topic: Cruise Control Rewire DIY  (Read 506 times)


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Cruise Control Rewire DIY
« on: January 07, 2015, 12:34:51 AM »
Cruise control rewire

So if you've read my other thread I installed a Lexus IS300 wheel on my 1992 celica (after testing my Rav4 wheel)
the wiring differences between 1992 and 2004 are vast, so my stock wheel used 3 wires with a separate one for the horn. The Rav4 and IS300 wheels use 2 for the cruise control and one for the horn (the IS300 borrows one for part of the paddle functions and uses the other 2 slots for the rest of the paddle functions which I plan to use to control my stereos volume but until then they are fun to play with while driving lol)

so after researching and digging through the celica's wiring diagrams i found out the switch uses 3 different resistors across 4 different switches, one switch controlling the on and off function of the whole device and the other 3 controlling which resistor saw voltage to relay to the cruise control ECU.
the resistance in the rav4 cruise control was significantly higher than the celica one so rewiring the internals of the switch were required as well as snipping the pigtail from the celica unit and wiring it to the rav4 one.

so what happens is you need a 130~ ohm resistor (preferably as small as possible, in the pictures you can see why) a 68~ ohm resistor and a 220~ ohm resistor
you can use ones that aren't exactly that resistance, just have to make sure they are within 10 ohms or so.

I used rosen core solder that you can get at most auto parts stores for 3-5 bucks and I purchased 500+ resistors of various resistance from ebay for around 5 bucks

the top slot is for the 220 ohm resistor
the middle is for the 130 ohm resistor
the bottom slot in the picture is for the 68 ohm resistor

It works best to melt some of the plastic away in the places its soldered and where the resistors sit so that they can squeeze back into the housing.

If you heat the bottom, bend the resistors in a V and melt solder over it and let if fall into those holes, it was effective for me.

Then what I did is I clipped the stock pigtail from a factory celica cruise control switch and soldered it to the rav4 one.

The black wire coming from the rav4 switch that was originally paired with the red/silver wire should be wired to the white wire on the pigtail.

The red/silver wire coming from the rav4 switch should be wired to the red wire on the pigtail.

The white/silver wire on the rav4 switch to the white wire as well as the other black wire on the pigtail.

I can't take 100 percent of the credit for this, I found more on how to do this from an MR2OC.com member (Luke L) who also made this work and cleared up some of the confusion about changing these.

The IS300 switch is a little more complicated so I opted to use the simpler Rav4 switch, I will probably modify the pigtail once I try to wire the volume controls in.

Let me know if you need more info or clarification.

this is the factory rav4 pigtail
(note the paired black wires on one terminal)

finished wiring, this should mimic your factory Celica cruise control wiring.

this is the link to the IS300/rav4 wheel swap

hopefully it works

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